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Meet The Inspiring Teaching Team - Matthew

Our Meet The Inspiring Teaching Team series shines a light on our newest team member, Matthew.

Inspiring Teaching - Meet The Team Blog

What’s your name and role within Inspiring Teaching?

Hi, my name is Matthew Spence and I’m a Consultant at Inspiring Teaching.

How long have you worked with Inspiring Teaching?

I started with Inspiring Teaching in early September, so I’ve been here for a few months so far.

I’ve worked in recruitment previously across different industries including medical, hospitality and logistics.

How would you sum up your job in one sentence?

Rather than one sentence I can use one word - Different. Each day is different. Always meeting different people. Speaking with different personalities, with different experiences and backgrounds.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

For me, it’s meeting new people. I genuinely get a buzz from filling bookings. I love each moment that I find work for a candidate and call them to say they have a new job.

If you could learn anything instantly, what would it be?

I would love to be multi-lingual, so the ability to learn a new language would be my choice. Learning Spanish would be my first choice.

Pineapple on a pizza?

This may be controversial, but I’m a fan of putting pineapple on a pizza. I’m not restricted to only pairing pineapple with ham, I’d happily have pineapple in any combination.

What would you choose as a go-to song to put you in a good mood?

I don’t have a specific go-to song. But I will always play something by Eminem whenever listening to music.

“The Way I am” by Eminem is a go-to when I’m in the gym for more energy when I’m running on empty.

What’s the most recent movie or series-binge that you’ve recommended?

For a TV show it would be “The Tower” on ITV which I really enjoyed.

I recently recommended the “Rush Hour” movies to Tilly. The combo of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker is amazing.

Would you rather read a book, listen to an audiobook, or neither?

If I had to choose then an audiobook would be my preference.

I prefer to consume information visually, so I’d rather watch something to learn or unwind. I would rather listen to music when driving, rather than listen to a book or podcast.

What’s your dream holiday destination?

I’ve never been on a long-haul flight, so I’d choose somewhere further afield. The first places that come to mind are Miami or Jamacia. I want to arrive and shut down/chill straight away, there’d be no exploring for me.

Join us for the next instalment of Meeting The Inspiring Teaching Team. We're always on hand to lend a helping hand on your journey to a more rewarding job. Find more information at:

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