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Time for a Summer break?

Updated: Feb 13

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We'll be here ready for you!

The Summer Term has been a time of concern and uncertainty for the education sector, and although we still have challenging times ahead, we here at Inspiring Teaching hope that September will bring some sort of normality for schools, staff and of course the pupils.

Nevertheless, as always, it's been a privilege to work alongside our schools, teachers and teaching assistants.

I do hope that even in these unprecedented times, the team at Inspiring Teaching have offered you the support that's been required - whether that has been for advice on aspects Furlough or just reassurance.

We understand how challenging being placed on Furlough has been and that for those of you working, that even though pupil numbers in school have been reduced, your workload has increased; with teaching key workers children in school, supporting pupils working from home and ensuring the safety of your pupils and staff.

All the team have been truly inspired by your hard work and dedication that has taken place this year, especially over this period of pandemic, and hope that now you can get the relaxing summer break you deserve.

We though, we be here, working to get everything ready for September.

So, if you do want to talk to us about what opportunities for new roles may be coming on stream or to help find staff for your open roles, please do get in touch.

We’re on the phone on 020 3773 6005 or email us at

Until then – have a safe, healthy and relaxing summer.

Barry, Callum, Bonita and all The Inspiring Teaching Team

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