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The Inspiring Group launches a new London service!

Updated: Feb 13

Who are the Inspiring Group?

The Inspiring Group encompasses Inspiring Interns & Graduates and our new dedicated educational division, Inspiring Teaching!

Our company values are empathy, fun, creativity, integrity and passion and unlike many companies, we say what we mean. We keep in touch with our clients and candidates throughout the process and beyond into their careers. This personal approach is exactly why our clients come back to us time and time again, and candidates refer their friends.

Inspiring Teaching Logo
Inspiring Teaching Logo

Inspiring Interns & Graduates

Inspiring Interns & Graduates was launched in 2009 to address a gap in the market. Our founder, Ben Rosen, noticed that young people were finishing university and struggling to find suitable internships and/or graduate jobs that would help them get their foot in the door and build some relevant industry experience.

He also noticed that the then-standard practice of recruitment agencies collating hundreds of CVs and never actually meeting candidates face-to-face was becoming impersonal, tedious and inefficient. The recruitment industry needed to innovate quickly to stay ahead of the game and remain attractive to employers.

Video CVs

Then came the idea of using video CVs – short 60-second videos outlining candidates' skills and experience, whilst also showing a bit of personality. This approach is very popular with time-short employers who are fed up of trawling through piles of CVs.

Fast-forward 10 years, Inspiring Interns & Graduates have placed over 7,000 candidates in a range of companies, from small 5-employee Startups, right up to large global companies such as SKY, AON and Virgin. With this growth came the drive to further develop our services. As a result, Inspiring Teaching was born!

Inspiring Teaching

Utilising the expertise and knowledge of the leadership team, led by Callum and Barry, who between them have over 20 years’ experience working in public sector recruitment, we at the Inspiring Group launched our brand-new division, Inspiring Teaching.

Inspiring Teaching is aimed at matching talented candidates looking for their next teaching or teaching assistant job in London. We are dedicated to providing a fast and efficient service, whilst not compromising on quality of staff. They work with primary, secondary, faith and SEN schools and endeavour to closely meet all regulations in the industry.

The team is growing quickly and contains consultants who have worked as TAs or teachers, who know the industry inside-out and are aware of its challenges.

With the Inspiring Groups’ credibility, innovation and longevity in the market, Inspiring Teaching is well placed to grow and thrive in the market.

Inspiring Teaching specialises in providing a simple, straightforward, inexpensive solution to recruitment for Schools and Nurseries.

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