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No Ordinary New Term

Updated: Feb 13

Child with hand raised

Welcome back to all our schools, teachers, teaching assistants, to what is in no way an ordinary new term.

I don't even think we can be sure if this is even the new normal?!

Yet again, we have been truly inspired to hear your stories of how you have been working to get your schools ready for the new term.

We have heard details of new cleaning regimes being instigated, one way systems mapped out, hand sanitising stations erected, classroom rotations re-worked, start and end times staggered, lunches, breaks and Sports and PE all re-designed to keep everyone safe.

And that’s before the teaching can even begin.

I do hope that even in these unprecedented times, the team at Inspiring Teaching have offered you the support that has been required - whether that has been for advice on aspects Furlough or just reassurance.

Callum and the guys are back in the office (all at safe distances of course) ready to talk to you about opportunities for new roles that are now coming on stream or to help find excellent staff for your open roles.

We have also been recruiting some really excellent new staff who bring superb experience in special needs and general education settings who are now ready for the new terms work.

As ever, the team here have spent the summer months working hard to support our existing Teachers and Teaching Assistants with their CPD, ensure that their compliance and safeguarding is fully up to date.

We’re on the phone on 020 3773 6005 or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Barry, Callum, Bonita and all The Inspiring Teaching Team

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