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Introducing Michael!

Updated: Feb 13

Michael Wilcock joined Inspiring Teaching as a Consultant on 14th February and has made an impressive impression already, securing four candidates their next inspiring position already.

Michael Wilcock

He had previously worked for seven years at a driving agency.

He has a passion for education and teaching and is motivated by his own children, so he jumped at the chance to join us as he realised we are the leading specialist in that area.

His first impressions of Inspiring Teaching are that they are a friendly, helpful team who are happy to answer his questions and support him getting up to speed with everything.

He is a natural people person and enjoys meeting new people and uncovering what makes them tick and how we can help them. He appreciates our ethos of not giving up until we make a perfect match for the school and candidate, be that philosophy, location or personality led. And the greatest satisfaction in his job is getting a smile on someone’s face once they have been taken on in a new position.

If you are a school looking to find some new staff members, or a teacher, TA or support staff member looking for an inspiring new role, can you reach Michael and the rest of our team by clicking here to register or call the team on 020 3773 6005.

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