A new recruitment consultant at Inspiring Teaching

We have a new asset here at Inspiring Teaching in the shape of Kyle Hayward. Let us introduce you to one of our newest recruitment consultants.

Kyle joined Inspiring Teaching in February this year after spending his six-year career as a primary school teacher at a couple of inner-city schools in South London. He loved teaching despite the hectic nature and its challenges, and is genuinely passionate about all aspects of education.

When the pandemic hit, it was an opportunity for him to reassess his career path and consider opportunities when he could carry his in-depth knowledge and understanding of education and teaching into a new but complementary field such as education recruitment.

After being approached by a few different recruitment companies, he was drawn to Inspiring Teaching because of our particular approach: less sales-focused and more thoughtful and committed to matching exactly the right candidate with the right position and school.

Our mission here at Inspiring Teaching is providing simple, straightforward and inexpensive solutions to education recruitment for schools, nurseries and colleges, and Kyle has quickly become a crucial part of the team in achieving that. His experience and instinctive understanding of teaching, the classroom and the needs and situations of different types of schools only enhances our work.

Kyle’s favourite part of his job is unsurprisingly the opportunity for talking to and meeting people. He is a born conversationalist and although we can imagine him being a charismatic teacher, he is a natural in building mutually beneficial relationships with our schools and candidates alike.

And he is not afraid to jump right in when required, helping out with some time assisting in the classroom with a particular school last week who were desperately short-staffed.

If you work at a school which has a day-by-day, short-term or permanent need for TAs, SEN or teaching staff, or if you are a SEN teacher or teaching assistant and are considering a change of scene, please contact Kyle, Callum and the team at Inspiring Teaching on 020 3773 6005 or find out more at www.inspiringteaching.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

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